One of the budding sociology departments in the state, the Department of Sociology was established in the year 2011 at Vijayanagara Sri Krishanadevarya University, Ballari. With the intention of Social development and social reconstruction in the jurisdiction of this university. It started functioning with hardly around 28 students and today happily it has blossomed to the level of offering Ph.D programs along with the usual PG programme that enhances the social understanding of young minds.


The department of Sociology particularly, members of our department primarily focus on the causes and consequences of social inequality and the patterns and processes of culture.

Vision Statement:


  • We aim at extending qualitative education through equipping students with a critical and rational ability by providing them theoretical and empirical exposure.
  • The Department encourages research and focuses on providing its students with an atmosphere for academic excellence and intellectual development.


Mission Statement:


To create a brilliant future for the students, faculty and all stakeholders with socially just, equal and inclusive environment and contribute to the modern knowledge society by:

  •  World class teaching, scholarship and service with emphasis on excellence and quality.
  • By upgrading syllabus and curriculum emphasizing on social policy and planning.
  • To create efficient Human Resource for Social Development, Social Planning and Policies.

Department of sociology

Refers to the ways in which socially determined categories of people (Gender, religious, race, class and immigrant status) are hierarchically positioned in terms of access to social goods (e.g., .wealth, education, healthcare, a healthy environment, and community amenities) Sociologists study the causes and consequences of differential access to opportunities as well as differential rewards when those opportunities are accessible.
Refers to ways of acting, thinking, and describing that shape peoples’ and societies ways of life. Every action is embedded in a web of meanings that sociologists analyze interpretively.Sociology at Vijayanagara Sri Krishanadevarya University, takes pride in the research and teaching reputation of the department. Many faculty have won ICSSR research projects, consistently securing research grants from major government foundations, as well as publishing in top sociological journals.




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