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The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has started in the year 2016. It offers Two years MA course with proposed Diploma courses. Over the past Two years Department has produced successful alumni who are placed in media organizations and academic discipline. Few students are pursuing research activities as well. H-K has been a tagline of backward region from many years. The department is committed to groom students and teachers to be part of the eradication of this tagline with effective write ups. Apart from Print and Electronic media there are various opportunities available in the field of Public Relations and Advertising sector. Department faculties are aiming to produce good and responsible media personnel, one’s ideas and knowledge viable to bring changes in this region and global perspectives

Vision Statement: 

Creative, innovative and lead in producing communication and media professionals

Mission Statement:

To promote excellence in advancement of communication discipline, Professions and Service through innovative and efficient resource mobilization and management.

To provide high quality and relevant education, Training,

Research and Professional development support in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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Dr. Rakesh
V Talikoti

Assistant Professor

Rakesh Talikote v
The Coordinator

Department of Journalism And Mass Communication
Janana Sagara Campus
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Bellary 583105