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 Welcome to Microbiology (MB)

  • The world of microorganisms and their applications will be studied in the Department of Microbiology which is introduced by Vijayanagara Sri krishna Devaraya University in the year 2019. The Department mainly focus on the post graduate programme and PhD programme in order to nurture and educate the students at master degree and doctorate level.


Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Microbiology  which is introduced by Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Jnana Sagara Campus, Vinayakanagara, Cantonment, Balllari, in the year 2019-20. The M.Sc. program in Microbiology is to educate the recent advancements in Microbiology. The scope of Microbiology as a job oriented course. To train the students with skills in Microbiology at molecular level and also guide the students to develop communication skills, entrepreneur skills and make them realise the social responsibilities. To develop scientific temper and leadership qualities with knowledge in Microbiology.

Vision Statement:

  • To recognise the Standards of Vijayanagara sri Krishnadevaraya University at global level in the scientific community by meeting the increasing demands in the field of Microbiology by 2024.
  • To create excellence, Quality, Innovative thinking and Intellectual Ideas in nurturing young minds.
  • To conserve the biodiversity and environment.

Mission Statement:

  • To create advanced infrastructure for Department of post graduate studies and research in Microbio logy to promote knowledge and scientific relevance.
  • To provide entreprunship, placements for students who pursue Msc, PG Diploma and PhD studies.
  • To promote Training and skills in Microbiology.
  • To identify the 99 percent unidentified novel microbial species by creating patentable innovative technologies. To develop eco friendly production of biomolecules and microbial metabolites at low cost technologies, go green concepts.

Area Of Research:

 Microbial bioactive molecules (primary and secondary metabolites) and biopolymers.
 Enzyme technology, Fermentation technology and bio processing.
 Food and Agriculture Microbiology.
 Molecular diagnostic Microbiology, Multi drug resistance and clinical research
 Molecular biology, biological databases, computational biology and genetic engineering, GMOs and transgenics.
 Metagenomics and transcriptomics
 Microbial taxonomy and identification of novel microorganisms.
 Protein engineering and peptide research.
 Microbial synthesis of nanoparticals.
 Microbial ecology and environmental Microbiology- xenobiotics, biodegradation, bioremediation and bioleaching.

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Department of Microbiology
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