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We advance the field through interdisciplinary research and innovative pedagogies, inspiring a new generation of gender and sexuality, students committed to social justice. We strive to be a globally recognized model of excellence in gender, sexuality and feminist scholarship.


  • Women’s Studies its mission feminist undergraduate and graduate education and research for social justice.
  • To educate our students about social inequalities that result from sexism and to link knowledge, research, teaching, and activism.
  • We seek to engage students in the discovery and production of knowledge that emerges from feminist perspectives on society;
  • To provide students with the analytic competency that promotes responsible citizenship in a diverse global environment.
  • To empower students to think more critically about their own lives and that inspires them to work as active citizens for social justice.


To present a Stand to the entity in Social sciences and expansion Research by developing advance theories including technologies in the field of Women Studies.


Department of P.G studies and Research in Women Studies which is introduced by Vijayanagara Sri Krishna Devaraya University, JnanaSagara Campus, Vinayakanagara, Cantonment, Ballari, in the year 2019-20. The M.A. program in Women Studies is to educate the Gender Equality in Society. The scope of Women Studies as a job oriented course. To train the students with skills in making Gender equal perspective in social level and also guide the students to develop Personality Development skills, entrepreneur skills and make them realize the social responsibilities. The department of Women Studies is particularly focus on the causes and consequences of gender inequality, the processes and influence of patriarchal society.



The duration of the study for M.A in Women Studies will be divided in four semesters in two years. Be eligible for the admission in the M.A Program, students must have any Bachelor Degree with at least 55%. However, in case of candidates belonging to SC/ST and any other groups classified by the Government of Karnataka, the University Regulations governing PG Program shall be applicable for time to time. Every year 40 students will be given admission as per rules prescribed by the University. The number may vary as per University norms and conditions.


Whole world women is a half of the population and Women studies is interdisciplinary course, hence women studies relating all educational subjects like, social sciences, humanities, arts, commerce, sciences and technologies etc. for these major reasons the research area is very broad in Women Studies.

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