Details of Research Projects Political Science

Name of Faculty:
Title of Project:
Duration of project
Funded Amount
Funding Agency
Key achievements/ Highlights
Dr. Somashekar J
Deciphering Regional Disparity among Social Groups: Political, Economic and Sociological Study of Hyderabad Karnataka Region.
1 Year
Rs. 6 Lakhs:
Dr. Mohan Das K
Status of the Manual Scavenging and Sewerage Water workers in the Hyderabad Karnataka Region”.
1 Year
Rs. 4 Lakhs
NHRC New Delhi
Dr. Mohan Das K
Open Defecation Practices among the households of Urban and Rural Slums of Hyderabad Karnataka Region: A Cross-Sectional study and Policy implication
1 Year
Rs. 5 Lakhs
ICSSR New Delhi