Details of Research Scholars (History & Archaeology)

Name of Scholar:
Title of Thesis:
1. Mallappa Asok Patail
Heritage of Jainism In Shivamogga District – Historical Study
2. Nagaraj.P.C
Education System in Ancient Karnataka with Special Referance to Chithradurga District A Historical Study ( UP to 12th AD)
3. Chudamani.K
The Legal System in Karnataka Historical Study 1800 to 1948 AD (Special Reference to Ballari Region)
4. Veeranjineya.K
Historical Perspective of Jewellery System in Karnataka (A Special Reference to Ballari and Koppal Regions)
5. Venkatesh.R
Minor Dynasties of Shivamoga District : Historical Study
6. Gangothri.V
Great Metropolitan City of Hampi – Historical Study
7. Channa Reddy
Minor Dynasties of Kalyana Karnataka : Historical Study (from 2nd to 20th Century)
8. Raddeppa
Historical Perspective of Industrial Development
(A Special Reference to Ballari and Koppal Regions)