Details of Research Scholars Maths

Name of Scholar
Title of Thesis
Shanta Kumari.Y
Contribution to the Spectral Theory Structure.
Investigation of Graph Invariants and Relevants .
Mr. Riyazuddin:
A Study on Wavelets and it’s Applications in Image and Signal Processing
Numerical/ Analytical Simulation of Fluid and heat Transfer Through Different Geometries.
peristaltic Transport of Biological Fluids in an Elastic Tube
Rathod KiranKumar Gulab
Study of ristaltic mechanism of a non-Newtonian fluid in a channel/tube
Analysis of flow and heat transfer on peristaltic motion a non- Newtonian fluid in an asymmetric/ axisymmetric channel
Some Feasible Speculative Connectivity Indices
innovative studies in the topological indices and related areas.
investigation on topological indices allied to groph structures and applications
B.Ramesh Bhat
Numerical and Analytical Solution of Non-Newtonian fluid Flow Through Different Geometries.
Kalal Sangeetha.P.P
Computational Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer of Nanofluids .
Analysis of peristaltic transport of non-Newtonian fluid through channel : Analytical approach
a Systemetic Study of the Problems of Bio magnetic Fluid Flows in a Stenosed arterial segment
Ranjana Bhandar
Some Studies on head and mass transfer characteristics of magnetohydrodynamic Nanofluid flows over a straetchingsurface
Nanda Manohar
: Some Studies On heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of Magnetiohydraodrynamic Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows