List of Publications


International Journals: 40                                            and National Journals: 0


AuthorsTitleJournal NameVolume,


YearImpact Factor
4. N. Manjunath, M. Imadaullah, K.R. Venugopala Reddy, K.S. LokeshSynthesis and electropolymerization of tetra [β-(2-benzimidazole)] and tetra [β(2-(1—(4-aminohenyl)) benzimidazole)]embedded cobalt phthalocyanine and their supercapacitance behaviourDyes and Pigments153, 213-22420183.994
2. Ravikumar, Shambulinga, Mruthyunjayachari, Shahi, Alagar Raja,Zahid Bhat, K.S. P.S. Shahid, Lokesh, O.T. MusthafaA single chamber direct methanol fuel cellAdvanced Material Interfaces170032120174.27
3. Subramanya Hegde, K.S. Lokesh, Vijay Kumar GR, Atanu GhoshalStereoselective synthesis of Julolidine Hybrid Analogues and exploration of their  toxicity against diseases causing microbes and cancer cell linesEuropean Journal of Medicinal ChemistryUnder Revision
4.  Shambulinga, Ravikumar, Promod Mruthyunjayachari, Alagar Raja, Shahid S, K.S. Lokesh, Julio Sanchez, Musthafa,Tuning the Interfacial Chemistry of Redox Active Polymer for Bifunctional ProbingChemElectrochem4(3), 692-70020173.506
5. N. Manjunath, M. Imadaullah,  K.S. LokeshSynthesis, electrochemical characterization and electrical conductivity studies of 2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24-cobalt octa[β,β’-(carboxylic acid)] phthalocyanine and 2,3,,9,10,,16,17,23,24- cobalt octa[β,β’-(1H-bezimidazole-2-yl)] phthalocyanineNew Journal  of ChemistryUnder revision
6.M. Imadaadullah, N. Manjunath, K.S. LokeshSolvent dependent dispersion behavior of macrocycle stabilized cobalt nanoparticles and their applicationsRSC AdvSubmitted
7.Shambulinga, Ravikumar, Mruthyunjayachari, Lokesh, MustafaWireless Magnetic self charging of cathode of metal ion  batterySubmtted
8. Mallikarjun, K.S. Lokesh, K.H. Shivaprasad, K.R. Venugopala Reddy Extractive Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Metaprolol Succinate in Pure and Pharmaceutical FormulationsAustin J Anal Pharm Chem3(3), 10702016
9. Mallikarjun, K.S. Lokesh, K.H. Shivaprasad, K.R. Venugopala Reddy Spectrophotometric Determination of Some Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs by Oxidative Coupling ReactionAustin J Anal Pharm Chem3(3), 10692016
10. Manjunath K, Lokesh K.S, Vijayakumar G. Revanasiddappa, Subramnaya G H, SusmitaK.Multicomponent synthesis of spiropyrrolidine analogues derived from vinylindole/indazole by a 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactionBeilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry12, 2893-289720162.697
11. K.S. Lokesh, A. AdriaensElectropolymerised amine containing Palladium phthalocyanine  for capacitive   applicationsDyes and Pigments112, 19220153.966
12.K.S. Lokesh, Shambulinga, N. Manjunatha, M. Imdaad, M.Hojamberdiev,Porphyrin macrocycle stabilised gold and silver nanoparticles  and their Application in Catalysis of Hydrogen peroxideDyes and Pigments 120, 155-16020153.966
13. Q. Liu, , K.S. Lokesh, C. Chauvin,  W.Sugimoto


Model Electrode Studies of the Electrostatic Interaction between Electrochemically Dissolved Pt Ions and RuO2 Nanosheets


J. Electrochem.




14.K.S.  Lokesh, K.H. Shivaprasad, K.R. Venugopala ReddyStability and electrochemical activity of nano-size copper and its oxide particles using cobalt  aminophthalocyanine as a stabilizerRSC Advances4, 1136720143.84
15.H. Mallikarjun, K.S. Lokesh, K.H. Shivaprasad, K.R. Venugopala reddySensitive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Permetrexed Disodium in Pure and Pharmaceutical FormulationsAustin J Anal Pharm Chem1,10292014
16. C. Tan,  G. Zhu, M.Hojamberdiev, K. S. Lokesh,

X. Luo, L. Jin, J. Zhou, P. Liu

Adsorption and Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of the {0001} Faceted Sm-doped ZnIn2S4 Microspheres.Journal of Hazardous



 278, 572-58320144.527
17. H. Mallikarjun, K.S. Lokesh, K.H. Shivaprasad, K.R. Venugopala reddySensitive spectrophotometric method for the determination of permetrexed disodium in pure and pharmaceutical formulations


World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences3(7), 8152014
18. K.S. LokeshLayer-by-Layer assembly of a water-soluble phthalocyanine on gold. Application to the   electrochemical determination of hydrogen peroxideBioelectro-




19. K.S.Lokesh, A.AdriaensSynthesis and characterization of tetra-substituted palladium phthalocyanine  complexesDyes and Pigments96,


20.C .Chauvin, Q. Liu, T. Saida, K.S. Lokesh, T. Sakai, W. SugimotoEffect of nanosheet size on activity and

durability  of RuO2 nanosheet Pt/C catalyst

Electrochemical Society Transactions50,


21. K. S. Lokesh, S. Chardon, F. Lafolet, Y.Traoré,C.Gondran, P.Guionneau, L. Guérente, P. Labbé, A.Deronzier,J- F LétardOne step vs. stepwise immobilization of 1-D coordination based Rh-Rh molecular

wires on gold surfaces



22. K.S. Lokesh, M.D. Keersmaecker, A. Elia, D. Depla ,P. Dubruel, P. Vandenabeele, S.V. Vlierberghe, A.   AdriaensAdsorption of cobalt (II) 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(2-aminophenyl)-porphyrin onto copper substrates:

characterization  and impedance studies for corrosion inhibition

Corrosion Science62,


23. K.S. Lokesh, M. De Keersmaecker, A.AdriaensSelf assembled films of porphyrins with amine groups at ifferent positions: influence on their orientation on corrosion inhibition and electrocatalytic activityMolecules17, 


24. K.S. Lokesh, Karoline de wael, A. AdriaensSelf assembled supramolecular array of polymeric phthalocyanine on gold for the determination of  hydrogen peroxideLangmuir26(22),


25. S. Chandra, K.S. Lokesh and H. LangIodide recognition by the N, N-bissuccinamide-based dendritic molecule


Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical137(1),



26. K.S. Lokesh, Y. Shivaraj, B.P.  Dayananda, S. ChandraSynthesis of phthalocyanine stabilized rhodium

nanoparticles and their application in biosensing of cytochrome C

Bioelectro-chemistry75 ,


27. S. Chandra, K.S. Lokesh, A.Nicolai, H. LangDendrimer-Rhodium nanoparticle modified           Glassy Carbon Electrode for Amperometric Detection of Hydrogen PeroxideAnalytica Chimica Acta632(1),


28. K.S. Lokesh,

N.S.Venkatanarayanan , S.Sampath

Phthalocyanine macrocycle as stabilizer for gold and

silver nanoparticles

Microchimica Acta167(1-2),


29. K.S. Lokesh, N. Uma, B. N. AcharThe microwave-assisted syntheses and conductivity study of a platinum phthalocyanine and its derivativePolyhedron28(5),


30. S. Mitra, K.S. Lokesh , S. Sampath Exfoliated graphite-ruthenium oxide composite electrodes for    electrochemical supercapacitorsJ. Power Sources185(2) ,


31.N.T.K. Sundaram, O.T.M. Musthafa, K.S. Lokesh, A. SubramaniaEffect of porosity on PVdF-co-HFP-

PMMA based electrolyte

Materials Chemistry and Physics110,


32. B.N. Achar, T.M.M. Kumar, K.S. LokeshSynthesis, characterization, pyrolysis kinetics and conductivity studies of chlorosubstituted cobalt phthalocyaninesJ. Coord.


60 ,


33. K.S. Lokesh, N. Uma , B.N. AcharSynthesis and physico-chemical characterization of metal free, sodium and potassium phthalocyanine complexesJ. Non-Cryst. Solids353(4),


34. B.N. Achar, T.M. Mohan Kumar,   K.S. LokeshA comparative study of microwave versus conventional synthesis of lead phthalocyanine complexesJ. Porphyrins

 and Phthalocyanines

9(12) ,


35. B.N. Achar, G.M. Fohlen , K.S. Lokesh, T.M.M.KumarGC-MS studies on degradation of copper

phthalocyanine sheet polymer


 J. Mass Spectrometry

243(3) ,


36. B.N. Achar, G.M. Fohlen, K.S. Lokesh, T.M.M. KumarCharacterization of cobalt phthalocyanine sheet polymer by gas chromatography mass spectrometry on its pyrolysis productsReactive and Functional




37. B.N. Achar, K.S. LokeshStudies on metal (II) tetra-amino phthalocyaninesJ. Organomet. Chem.689,  335720042.173
38. B.N. Achar, K.S. LokeshStudies on polymorphic modifications of copper phthalocyanineJ. Solid State




39. B.N. Achar, K.S. LokeshStudies on phthalocyanine sheet polymersJ. Organomet. Chem.689(16),


40. B.N. Achar, G.M. Fohlen, K.S. LokeshDegradation study on the thermally stable nickel phthalocyanine sheet      polymerPolymer Degradation and Stability80(3) ,




Research Papers Under preparation/submission

  1. S. Lokesh and S. Sampath, Langmuir Blodgett monolayers of aminophthalocyanines of Transition metals: Comparative electrocatalytic study, In preparation.
  2. K.S. Lokesh, S. Mitra and S. Sampath, Electrochemical Capacitors Based on composites of exfoliated

graphite and Macrocycle, in preparation.

  1. K.S. Lokesh, F. Lafolet, S. Chardon, P. Labbe, A. Deroznier, Self assembled monolayers of

difunctional molecules on nickel substrate, In preparation.


Abstracts of presentations in conferences

AuthorsTitleConference  NamePlaceYear
1. S.P. Madhu, G.S. Gopalakrishna, K.G. Ashamanjari, K.S. Lokesh, J. ShashidharaprasadHydrothermal synthesis, structure and Ionic conductivity of LiZnHP2O7 and LiSrHP2O crystals8th International symposium on Hydrothermal reactions and 7th International Conference on Solvothermal reactions, ISHR & ICSTRSendai, Japan5-9 August


2. K.S. Lokesh, S. Chandra, A. Nicolai, H. LangDendrimer encapsulated rhodium nanoparticles for amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide4th International Meeting on Molecular Electronics, Elecmol 08Grenoble, France8-12 December 2008
3. K.S. Lokesh, S. Chardon-Noblat, F. Lafolet, A. Deronzier, C. Gondran, P. LabbéPatterned monolayer of Rh-Rh coordination polymer wires on mercaptopyridine gold platform. One step vs layer by layer elaboration and characterizationsIndo-French Workshop on Nanosciences and NanotechnologyDelhi, IndiaOctober 12-14, 2009
4. R.J.H. Morris, M.G. Dowsett, A. Adriaens, K.S. Lokesh, N.R. WilsonUltra low energy O2+ SIMS depth profiling of CuPc and Co2Ta monomolecular layers18th International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry – SIMS XVIIIRiva del Garda, Trento, Italy18-23 September 2011
5. K.S.Lokesh, C. Chauvin, W. SugimotoRuO2 nanosheet to improve the activity and durability of  Pt/C catalyst6th Asian conference on  Electrochemical Power Sources (ACEPS-6)Chennai, India5-8 January,2012
6. C. Chauvin, K.S. Lokesh, W.SugimotoRuO2ns to enhance the activity and durability of core-shell Pt nanoparticlesSpringer Electrochemical society conferenceAustraliaApril 2012
7. K.S. Lokesh, C. Chauvin, W. SugimotoChemisorption studies of Platinum species with RuO2 nanosheet6th International Fuel cell workshop 2012 – PEFCs: from Basic Science to ApplicationKofu,

Yamanashi, Japan

August 2 – 3, 2012
8. D. Takimoto, K.S. Lokesh, C. Chauvin, W. SugimotoImproved ORR performance of Pt/C with low Pt loading by modification with RuO2 nanosheet6th International Fuel cell workshop 2012 – PEFCs: from Basic Science to ApplicationKofu,

Yamanashi, Japan

August 2 – 3, 2012
9. K.S. Lokesh, C. Chauvin, W. SugimotoInfluence and interaction of RuO2ns with Pt to increase the

durability of the catalyst

PrimeHawai, USAOct 2012
10. C.  Chauvin, T. Saida, K.S. Lokesh, W. SugimotoEffect of Nanosheet Size on Activity and Durability of

RuO2 Nanosheet- Pt/C Catalyst

PrimeHawai, USAOct 2012
11. D. Takimoto, M. Ohuchi, K.S.Lokesh, C. Chauvin, W. SugimotoImprovement in ORR Performance of 1-1.5 nm Pt Nanoparticles by Modification with RuO2 NanosheetsPrimeHawai, USAOct 2012
12. C.  Chauvin, D.Takimoto, K.S. Lokesh, T.Sakai, W. SugimotoEffect of Nanosheet Size on Activity and  Durability of  RuO2 Nanosheet- Pt/C CatalystThe 53rd Battery Symposium in JapanFukoka, JapanNov 14-16, 2012
13. K.S. Lokesh, C. Chauvin, W. Sugimoto, K.R.V. Reddy, K.H. ShivaprasadRuO2 nanosheet to improve

the activity and durability of Pt/C catalyst in PEMFC fuel cell

International Conference on  Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Chennai, India18-20 March 2013
14. K.S. Lokesh, A. Adriaens, K.H. Shivaprasad, K.R.V.ReddyElectrochemically synthesized palladium  amine phthalocyanine polymer as supercapacitorUGC National Seminar on Recent Advances in

Chemical Biology

Hassan, Karnataka15-16 March 2013
15. K.S. Lokesh,Analytical Chemistry Education in IndiaInvited Talk, ASIANALYSIS XIIFukuoka, JAPAN22-24, August 2013
16. K.S. Lokesh, A. AdriaensElectropolymerization of amine phthalocyanine as supercapacitorASIANALYSIS XIIFukuoka, JAPAN22-24, August 2013
17.K.S. LokeshInnovative Energy Policies for a Sustainable FutureInvited, TWAS Science and Diplomacy WorkshopTriesty, Italy9-13 Dec. 2013
18. K.S. Lokesh, C.Chauvin, W.SugimotoRuO2 nanosheet to improve the efficiency of PEMFCKSTA conf. on Science and Technology for promoting Innovative research and developmentBangalore20-21, Dec 2013
19.K.S. LokeshMaterial Challenges in device for fuel solar production and employmentParticipated, ICTPTriesty, Italy19-23 May 2014
20.K.S. LokeshElectropolymerised film as supercapacitorKSTA Regional conference, BellaryBellary, IndiaJan. 16-17, 2015
21. K.S. LokeshJunction materials for phtoelectrochemical water splittingAsian 3 conferenceDalian, ChinaMay 30-31 2015
22.K.S. LokeshChemistry conference, Advisory committee memberEngg college BangaloreBangaloreMay 2015
23.K.S. LokeshNational conference on Advances in Spectroscopy-Invited speakerNMIMS University, MumbaiMumbai15-17 Oct 2015
24 K.S. LokeshInternational Interdesciplinary conference- Invited Speaker/ Session ChairBRABU University, MuzaffarpurBihar15-17 Dec. 2015
25. K.S. LokeshOne day workshop on Emerging Trends in Basic Science and Technology-Invited SpeakerBITM Engg Collge, BallariKarnataka09/01/2016
26. K.S. LokeshInvited Lecture on “Principles of Analytical chemistry”SBC and SV Science  and SVPG college, HumnabadKarnataka6/02/2016
27.K.S. LokeshKSTA National Conference on Impact of Science and TechnologyVSK University, BallariKarnatakaMarch 8—10, 2017