PG program(Mineral processing)

M.Tech in Mineral processing Programme is of 3 years for a candidate with B.Sc degree having studied Mathematics and Physics at PUC level are eligible and candidates with B.E. / B.Tech. Degree in Mineral engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Production and Electrical Engineering are also eligible. However, the students can have optional exit after completion of first four semesters (02 years) and they will be awarded M.Sc Degree in Mineral Processing.
Duration of programs
03 years for M.Tech degree in Mineral Processing
02 Years for M.Sc degree in Mineral Processing (Optional Exit)
Admission procedure
Admission procedure As per Norms prescribed by Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevraya University

Scholarships available
(with details such as funding agency, amount etc).
Scholarships are available from various govt departments like SC/ST and OBC and Minority departments