Department of History and Archaeology


The Department of History was established in 2010 at Post Graduate Center Nandihalli, Sandur under Gulbrga University. After established Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University the department was reorganized as the Department of History and Archaeology founded in 2015 at main campus with a mission to offer Masters of Arts in History and Archaeology-Four semesters full time CBCS based Programme. In Future the Department also offered Ph.D. in History & Archaeology, P G Diploma in Epigraphy and P G Diploma in Musealogy. Department of History and Archaeology to project the archaeology, history, culture and heritage of Hyderabad Karnataka through research, to be able to assert the regional cultural identity and trace the evolution of culture. The Centre focuses on teaching and research in archaeology, ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history with particular emphasis on the study of economic, social and cultural changes.


This Department catered to the needs of Post-graduate students of the entire Hyderabad Karnataka region, including the region in the neighborhood of the Tungabhadra and Krishna river valley. The region has historical heritage, pre-historic sites such as Sanganakallu, Gavimatta, World Heritage Hampi, Brahmagiri, Sannati, Hunasagi, Maski, Piklihal, others and its inexhaustible epigraphically data, historical traditions and the infinite number of provided a clear vision to the department. Realizing the importance of archaeology and its contribution to the growth of historical knowledge, and that it had developed into a major discipline in the India, an integrated course was designed to impart combined education in history and archaeology. The department has intention to major surveys, documentation and publication of works on archaeological, prehistoric, art, architecture and religion. The department aims contributes to the improvement of the syllabi and teaching at the under graduate level. The Department will organize/conduct several Seminars/ conferences. The department also conducted Special Lecture Series programs by various scholars expert in deferent subjects in state and national level.