Research Achievements

The University has a flexible and research friendly ecosystem. The University has supported all the departments in acquiring minimum basic facilities. In addition, the University motivates teachers to write project proposals to Government and Non-Governmental funding agencies. The University is providing the basic facilities required for the implementation and execution of research and innovation in terms of space, infrastructure and administrative support without any hassle. The science departments are well equipped with basic facilities and modular laboratories. Because of this support, the University is able to get more than Rs. 3.5 crores of funding from different agencies within a short span of five years. The teachers are motivated to take up the interdisciplinary research, collaborative research work and memorandum of understanding with industries, nation and international institutes. The University facilitates and supports the presentation of research papers in conferences and workshops. The departments also regularly conduct the national seminars and workshops to transfer the knowledge and create an innovative atmosphere for research.

In its research policy and copy right law, the University has adopted more research-friendly regulations. It provides seed money to young faculties and permits to use overhead grants of the projects on request by the principal investigators. In order to promote the innovations by the faculties, the university is bearing 50% of the patent expenditure. The University has already established a computational lab and a language lab as part of creation and transfer of knowledge. The students are encouraged to compulsorily take up project work on the area of their interest and societal demands as part of curriculum. The projects are conducted either at industries as interns or in their respective departments. The research activities facilitate creation of knowledge and transfer of solution to the problems. In addition, it also creates interest and motivates students to take up research as their career. Further, the teachers and researchers who are active in research are felicitated with Best Teacher award and Best Researcher award respectively. Recently, the University has supported alumni to begin a start-up in the campus.