Research Scholars Chemistry

Name of Scholar:

Title of Thesis:

Mr. Manjunatha P.

Phthalocyanine analogues for biological & electroanalytical Applications

Mr. Mahanthesh G.

Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new idolizing derivatives

Ms. K. G. Shilpa

A Study on biological activities of Schiff base metal complexes derived from different drugs

Ms. M. R. Archana

A study on synthesis, characterization and applications of Schiff base complexes using biologically active metals.

Mrs. Ishwari B. K.

Utilization of fly ash and bottom ash as low cost adsorbents in the waste water treatment and removal of heavy metals.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar

Study and synthesis of biological active benzofuran heterocycles

Mr. Yuvaraj

Study and synthesis of organometallic single molecular magnets derived from metal-Actylyde building blocks

Mr. Sharan Kumar T. M.

Investigating phthalocyanine based system for catalytic applications

Mr. Praveen Kumar N. Y.

Surface modified metal phthalocyanines on carbon based hybrid metal supercapacitors for efficient energy storage systems

Mr. Virupakshi B. P.

Transition metallophthalocyanine functionalized carbon material for sensing applications.

Mr. Giddaerappa

Electrode modification with redox active molecules for Electrochemical applications

Mr. Shantharaja

Redox active molecules for electrocatalysis and clean energy production

Ms. Chandrakala K. B.

An Investigation on electrochemical applications of substituted N4-macrocyclic systems.

Mr. Sateesh K. M.

Synthesis and characterization of organometallic single molecular magnet derived from acetylyde building block.

Mrs. Bharathi S. V.

Studies on synthesis and characterization of pharmacologically potent oxygen and nitrogen heterocyclic compounds.

Ms. Netravthi L. N.

Synthetic studies of oxygen heterocycles and their biological screening.

Mr. Hanumesh Nayak

Indole fused heterocyclic derivative synthesis, characterization, molecular docking studies as potent bioactive molecules

Ms. Naseema Kousar

Macrocyclic redox-active molecules for clean energy applications

Mrs. Gouthami Patil

Biologically inspired phthalocyanine macrocycles for electrochemical applications

Mr. Beede Sunil Kumar

Synthesis, characterization and properties of metal oxide nanomaterials

Mrs. Ashwini C. K.

Novel N4 macrocycles as efficient catalysts for electrochemical applications

Mrs. Soumyashree

Electroactive N4 macrocycles for sustainable energy production

Mr. Murulidhar D. H.

Synthesis and biological evaluation of metal complexes derived from Schiff bases

Mr. Sharanappa

Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some Schiff base metal complexes