Department of Social Work

Department of social work offers a Masters Program in Social Work (MSW) with an intake of 50. The faculty members have rich experience of teaching and research in the various fields of Social Work. The department specifically trains its students to cater to the needs of Civil society organizations which play an important role in the present society.

Vision Statement:

“To groom the generations of world-class professional social workers by imparting most significant knowledge, skills, attitude and values aimed at individual, group and societal wellness”

Mission Statement:

  • To evolve best practices in the areas of social work education, research, publication, extension and consultancy services in collaboration with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations to ensure sustainable, just, equitable and humane development.

  • To improve the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities, advance social and economic justice, and eradicate pressing societal problems in complex and culturally diverse urban environments throughout the nation and the world. Our mission is achieved through value-driven, scholarly and creative social work education, research, and professional leadership.

  • Educate professional social workers with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to engage in culturally competent practice with diverse populations and communities, to critically analyze personal, familial and environmental factors affecting practice settings and practice techniques, and to advocate for those who confront barriers to maximizing the achievement of their fullest potential.

  • Engage in scholarly activities that contribute to professional knowledge about complex social problems and innovative approaches to ameliorate those problems.

  • Provide service to local, national, and international communities through the development of an participation in collaborations with Social Agencies, Community-Based Organizations, Government, and Foundations.

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Dr. Gouri Manik Manasa

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Dr. Pavitra Ravindra Alur

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Jalalappa A K

Assistant Professor

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Department of Social Work
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