Centre of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Advanced Research Facility (CEMARF)

It is well-known that the economy and national development is driven by knowledge and the research has an important role. The research component in higher educational institutions has became the important parameter in developing skilled human resource in the country. Further, the contribution to research from higher educational institutions plays a significant role in their recognition at the National & Global level. The quality and quantum of research in the Universities need dedicated & skilled faculty, and also very important – the multidisciplinary research facilities.


There are more than 40 science faculty, 200 research scholars, 500 PG and 5000 UG students in Science departments at the Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ballari. The faculty are dedicated, skilled with few of them are having international exposure in their area of research. Even some International collaborative projects have been funded and some faculties have patents to their credit. The University has provided well furnished laboratories and basic research facilities. This has resulted in quality research output and the results have been published in highly reputed International journals. Even as per the National Educational policy 2020, the undergraduate students have to take up research in the 4th year of their degree which makes them eligible directly for PhD degree.


The enhancement in the efficiency of research in advanced fields and patenting the research work need to be supported by advanced instrumental data. These instruments are very essential for characterizing the synthesized molecules for their purity and study their properties to obtain full potential applications in different domains. In addition, student who come up with an innovative idea to solve a specific socially relevant problem, has to be properly guided and facilities to be provided to convert their idea into useful stuff. Therefore, to accelerate high quality research activities and incubate student ideas in the University as well as to augment the requirement of local small industries, Centre of Excellence for Multidisciplinary Advanced Research Facility (CEMARF) has been established in the year 2020. CEMARF offers expertise, guidance & multidisciplinary research facilities to carry out research for UG and PG students, Research Scholars and Faculty members as well as public.

The state-of the art instrumentation center building with all the basic in-house facilities is under construction with a cost of Rs. 350 lakhs. As of now, the facilities in CEMARF cover few basic instruments of worth Rs 50 lakhs and purchase of additional basic instruments of worth Rs. 45 lakhs is under process for their applications in various disciplines like physical, computational, chemical and biological sciences. In addition, DMF has approved Rs. 200 lakhs under Comprehensive Environment Plan for Mining Impact Zone (CEPMIZ) for the purchase of advanced instruments.

This center not only improve the scientific output and innovations of high quality but provides hands on training to even undergraduate and master students which enhances their employability. The facilities will also be utilised for providing consultancy services to industries, Govt/non-Govt agencies and also public. This center definitely boost the industry-academia collaboration which increases the employability as well as university-public association.


The core objectives of the center are:

• Providing advanced interdisciplinary research facilities to faculty & students of the University leading to quality publications / patents in the areas of Drug Development & screening, Alternate Energy Systems, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Biosensors, molecular biology and genetics, Fluorescent Materials, Molecular Biophysics & Crystallography, Computational fluid dynamics, Advanced Graph theory, Artificial Neural Networks and Data Mining.

• Providing hands on training to students and young faculty in multidisciplinary areas of research in pure & applied science to solve socially relevant/challenging problems.

• Offering Certificate programs & PG diploma courses to enhance the skills and employability.

• Incubating an idea/concept and nurturing to convert it into a prototype.

• Establishing consultancy activities through Industry-academia linkages.

• Creating the atmosphere for copyright & joint collaborative research.