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Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing of this age is truly multi disciplinary. Mineral processing, also known as ore dressing, is the process of separating commercially and economically Valuable minerals from their ores. The six semesters M.Tech . Programme is well designed for basic science and engineering graduates. The programme provides a broad intellectual foundation in conventional mineral processing technologies adopted in the mineral based industries and the relevant engineering fundamentals aspects of practices of separation technology

The backbone of the economy of any nation is its natural resources especially the land, water and mineral and their potential utilization. The water, forest and farm resources are renewable part and whereas the mineral resources are non-renewable parts and get progressively exhausted as they are mined. Therefore, it is imminent that the greatest care has to have been exercised in the planning and judicious utilization of these precious, non-renewable mineral resources. India is bestowed with a wide variety of minerals; especially Karnataka state acquires the richest iron ore deposits. Increased attention to be paid concerning the proper utilization of these available natural resources.
Run-of mine mineral resources with high grades and large reserves have globally depleted and left with low-grade, mineralogically complex, and difficult-to-treat deposits. Advanced technologies for upgrading low-grade ores continuously explored by multinational companies.

All the above criteria and indicators point out the necessity of educating young minds in the field of Mineral Processing. The Department of Mineral Processing, VSK University Postgraduate Centre Nandihalli-Sandur since from its inception, is at its best for development of human ware to cater the needs of local and global mineral industries. This is the first and only oldest department in the Karnataka region. Mineral processing also known as Ore dressing, Mineral dressing and better known as Mineral Processing Technology is a unique and multidisciplinary post-graduate program. The program is potential enough to address the burning issues of the mineral industry i.e from mine to metal. M.Tech (Mineral Processing) is a 3 Year (6 Semester) postgraduate program structured with engineering and other allied subjects to harness the young talents of the country. 15 Hard Core papers, 10 Soft Core papers, and 15 Hard Core Practicals are taught. 6th semester (in III Year) is dedicated to project work (dissertation) of industrial-related applications or fundamental studies that have to be carried out by the students. The duration of the project work is 4 months. The syllabi are orderly structured and sequential seed with the needs of the mineral industry. The information and the contents of the program and its industrial applications are continuously passed on to the students to keep them abreast of the present-day developments in the mineral industry.


To Create the Capability for the Students for Mineral Industry to Effectively Transition to Sustainability


 To Provide Quality Post-Graduate Programs Supported by Up-To-Date Curriculum, Scientific and Industrial Research for All-Round Development of Students.
 To Educate Mineral Processing Engineers Who Can Follow and Utilize The Sustainable Green Technological Developments and Care the Needs of Environmentally Sensitive World.
 To Produce Skilled Human Resource Heralding for a Dynamic Sustainable Social Change.

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