Department of Education

Department Of Education

The department of Education in pursuit of the vision and mission of the University, offers M.Ed program to equip teacher-educators with proficiency in interdisciplinary knowledge of Educational Values with respect to Social, Economic, Behavioural, Environmental, and Technological. The Department is committed to inculcate and sustain higher standards in research and teaching, catering to regional, national and global needs. The Department aims at empowering student-teachers from both rural and urban areas to not only face the challenges emerging from the ever evolving Society. It also strives to enable the student-teachers to develop skills to enhance their knowledge from various domains and equip with life skills so as keep pace with the wide changes noted in the world from time to time. The Department of Education is intended to develop a cadre of professionally qualified teacher educators to meet the needs and challenges of the Knowledge Society across the globe.

The Department aims to promote pedagogical research and intends to re- form the teacher education programmes in India. The Department endeavours to achieve excellence by facilitating quality based teacher education. The two year M.Ed. programme is designed to provide opportunities for students to extend as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding of education.


Department aspires to offer quality in teacher education to flourish develop and empower the teacher educator fraternity and to foster lifelong learning.

Mission :

To develop in students the skills and competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of the teacher educators in the new millennium.

To inspire students for professional competencies and lifelong learning for reaching the unreached.

To provide opportunities to the teacher educators to undertake research projects, contributing to new insights into the teaching learning processes

To equip the teacher educators with the knowledge and skill of new technologies focusing on understanding the principles of organizational management, leadership and systematic change.

To develop the students holistically by inculcating ethical, social, aesthetic values among prospective teacher educators through value oriented education and community service programmes.

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Dr. Saheb Ali H Niragudi

Associate Professor

Dr. Prashanthakumara T M

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sushma N Jogan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gopal N

Assistant Professor

Dr.Saheb Ali.H

Department of Education
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