Department of Performing Arts and Drama

Department Of Performing Arts and Drama

Department of Performing Arts(Drama) was Established in 2018-. The main intention behind the establishment of them department is to cater the local talent. As Koppala, Ballari and Vijayanagara Districts are rich in Theatre, folk music, classical music and many more folk arts which are enriching the social, cultural life of the people. As drama is Performing audio- visual art it gives more emphasis on the ethos of the nation, region and feelings of the local people. There are many renowned actors, directors and actresses of world acclaim who belongs to these three districts are still relevant. The world acclaimed arts like, Joladarasi Doddanagouda, Raghava, Subadramma Mansoor, Mariyamanahalli Nagaratnamma, Belagal Veeranna,clasical singer Prof.Venkatesh Kumar contributed their best tothe field of performing Arts. Hence the department manifested
their legacy and become one of the best departments of the VSK University. It is also unique department because it is a rightplace to explore the hidden talent of the students. It is alsoencourages the students to become self employed as acomedian, director, theatre artist, make up man, lighting boy and other many more opportunities will be given to the studentswho completes the course. The students will also learn regarding Karnataka, India and world theatre in their classeswhich willbecarried out between 10 to 5.30 pm they will alsoget firsthand information and knowledge of writing plays,direction, of plays as well as review and appreciation plays.

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Dr. Shantha Naik N

Department of Performing Arts
Janana Sagara Campus
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Bellary- 583105