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Department Of Poltical Science

Political Science masters were introduced during 2011-12 academic year. Guest faculty engaged the teaching work for more than a year. Recruitment to the teaching posts was made during 2012. Accordingly the department is now functioning with a professor and three assistant professors.. The faculty members have rich experience of teaching and research in the various fields of Political Science.

The department has been engaging the students to train them at various levels of the carrier counselling and due to which the students have been placed at the various levels of employments in the both the public and private sectors.

Department has introduced Inter-Departmental Exchange Programmes. Special lectures, Discussion Meets, Electoral Studies are being arranged. Course structure is newly designed. Research projects were prepared and submitted to the appropriate funding agencies for financial assistance. The department has major research project on Deciphering Regional Disparity among Social Groups: Political, Economic and Sociological Study of Hyderabad Karnataka Region Funded by the ICSSR.

The department presently been handling research scholars making their studies on the various political and Economic issues such as the State governments financial developments, Backward class representation, Gender Budget, Pourakarmikas and Social Justice and Election issues at the centre and state levels. The department has vision to start the Centre for Study of Karnataka Politics and Administration in coming years. Presently the department has 11 Research Scholars who have been selected through entrance test.


To develop human resources by integrating Political Knowledge, Skills, Values and Compassion for a better Society.


The mission is to contribute and work with a sense of Commitment towards the Political advancement of the region and the state at large by providing excellent postgraduate education and quality programs leading to masters, professional and doctorate degrees.
to strive for intellectual curiosity, academic rigor, and a pluralistic diverse curriculum.
To engage in the debates and seminars to address the political issues and prepare students to be astute and keen political observers and actors.
The Department of Political Science is committed to the liberal arts tradition of intellectual curiosity, academic rigor, and a pluralistic and diverse curriculum. The Department aims to excel as teachers and scholars and to inspire students to become passionate, life-long learners.
We engage in many debates and seminars that address every corner of the globe and that prepare students to be astute and keen political observers and actors.
Through our courses, we provide opportunities for students to improve their critical thinking and the ability to read, speak and write that are central to the liberal arts tradition and that are crucial for students to practice democratic citizenship.
To supplement these courses, we provide internship, community service learning, and case studies and project work opportunities that encourage learning outside the classroom.

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Dr.Vijaya kumar B

Assistant Professor and Chairman

Dr Mohan Das K.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Veeraprasad. M

Assistant Professor
Name of Scholar:
Title of Thesis:
“A Study on Voter’s Behaviour in Gram Panchayat Elections with Special reference to Ballari District District(2010-2020)”
2.Sreekant S T
" Dalit Leadership and Development in Karnataka : A Case study of Ballari District ( 2013-2023)"
3.Kavitha H
"Impact of the Prime Minister Schemes on Women Empowerment in Karnataka with Special Reference to Ballari District (2014-2024)"
5.Manjunatha K H
"Peasant Movements and Leadership in Karnataka: With Special Reference to Ballari District"
6.Basavaraja K
‘Impact of Political Parties Election Manifestos on Voters in Karnataka State With Special Reference to Ballari District From 2013 To 2023 A Study

Dr.Vijaya kumar B

Department of Political Science
Janana Sagara Campus
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Bellary- 583105