Department of Law

Department Of Law

The Department of Law was established in the year 2016-2017 with the vision of creating post-graduates in law with expertise and knowledge in specialized branches of law. The Department currently offers two years LL.M. program with specialization in Constitution, Business Laws and Criminal Laws. The program aims at making this Department a thriving post-graduate centre of legal education and research. In addition, it is a departmental goal to encourage interdisciplinary study and motivate students through innovative teaching methods. The Department of Law views Law as an instrument of social transformation and tool to achieve social justice. The program seeks to instill a sense of duty for humanity and social progress through the scourge of law.


To be a premiere institution dedicated to promote and achieve Constitutional Values, Good Governance and Justice through knowledge of law.


1.To achieve excellence in legal education and promote legal research.
2. To develop graduates with the value of service to the public and fostering justice to the needy.
3. To inculcate the highest ideals of the legal professionalism and human values among the students.
4. To develop graduates who possess the core competencies essential to serve the justice system.

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Dr.Krishna Bharadwaj


sri.krishna Bharadwaj

Department of Law
Janana Sagara Campus
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Bellary- 583105