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Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences was established in the year 2019 to promote physical education and develop an interest among people regarding the need and importance sports and exercise which is medium to improve the community health. The syllabi of the courses are so designed as to prepare professionally qualified leaders and teachers in physical education. A team of competent and dedicated teachers are engaged in relentless pursuit of excellence in Physical Education and Sports for health, fitness and wellness of the citizens. The Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.) course were started during 2019 with an intake of 40 seats as per the guidelines of the National Council of Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.).

The above courses are being run in the Department to fulfil the need for trained leadership in Physical Education.
The objectives of the Department are as under:
• To prepare highly qualified teachers and leaders in the field of Physical Education and Sports.
• To serve as a centre of excellence and innovation in Physical Education and Sports.
• To provide professional and academic leadership to other institutions in the field of Physical Education.
• To provide vocational guidance and placement services to the professionals in this field.
• To promote mass-participation in Physical Education and Sports.
• To encourage and produce scientific contemporary literature in the field of Physical Education and Sports.
• To provide community services in the field of Physical Education and Sports

To develop a quality physical education program that emphasizes enjoyable participation in physical activities; to help students develop the knowledge, attitude, motor skills, social skills and confidence needed to begin and maintain a healthy physically active lifestyle for the rest of their life.
Every student of VSKUB will become a physically educated person who:
i. Has the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
ii. Acquires the knowledge and skills to stay physically fit
iii. Participates regularly in physical activity
iv. Knows the implications and benefits from involvement in physical activities
v. Values physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle

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