Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Department has established in the year 2016. Begin with the 38 students. Second year 42 and marginally improving in admission year by year. Department is bringing out a periodical by name ‘Jnanasagara Times’ as a part of student’s practice newspaper.Department also get engage with reporting for all the functions/events organized by University.Practice of News reading, anchoring and script preparation for Radio and Television also been following in the Department. With a changing scenariomass communication worldwide is progressing at a storm speed. The state-of-the-art communications hardware, evolving information technology and the internet have completely changed the rules of the fourth estate. The communication revolution is upon us, with all the potential of enabling us to close the information gap with more advanced societies, reducing disparities within our country (Aatmabirbhar Bharat) and generating major social change respectively with the training of writing effectively to make impact, changes in the society.


Creative, innovative and lead in producing communication and media professionals


To promote excellence in advancement of communication discipline, Professions and Service through innovative and efficient resource mobilization and management.
To provide high quality and relevant education, Training,
Research and Professional development support in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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Dr. Rakesh
V Talikoti

Assistant Professor

Mr. Manjunath M O

Guest Faculty

Dr. Jayaraj H

Guest Faculty

Rakesh Talikote v
The Coordinator

Department of Journalism And Mass Communication
Janana Sagara Campus
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Bellary- 583105